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TCO Management and Reduction Services

Would you like to reduce operating costs while minimizing operational risk?

IT budgets are being sharply reduced while the demand to maintain quality of service increases. Proactive steps can be taken to reduce total cost of ownership while at the same time increasing reliability, accessibility and serviceability to the end user:

1. Implement infrastructure to support automated application deployment, remote workstation image deployment and remote workstation management.
2. Consolidate disparate operating platforms.
3. Outsource enterprise applications to best of breed application service providers.
4. Outsource LAN / WAN management to best of breed managed service providers.
5. Move applications back to a centralized computing model.

Each of these actions have tangible operational cost savings while at the same time minimizing operational risk and increasing quality of service to the user community.

TCO Management and Reduction Services

Services include the identification and selection of enterprise applications, and networking systems that are excellent candidates for outsourcing services based on the results of detailed cost-benefit analyses. Architecture and implementation of infrastructure and associated systems to facilitate software distribution, remote workstation management and centralized computing models.