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Program and Project Management

Will your next project be completed on time and on budget?

Key components to a successful project are:

1. Clear understanding of the requirements.
2. Precise definition of the project scope.
3. Committed involvement by all client team stakeholders.
4. Concise understanding of both client and consultant expectations.
5. Successful identification of the critical success factors and management of the critical path.

Program and Project Management Services

Provide hands-on and executive level program and project management for initiatives such as enterprise software development, infrastructure engineering and new technology deployment including ERP systems and new operating systems technologies such as Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Services include a highly structured project definition process involving both the IT management team and the user community to assure the delivery of a focused project aligned with strategic business goals and objectives. Development of detailed project plans, which clearly define both client and consultant roles, responsibilities, expectations, deliverables and dates. Judicious management of the critical path and critical success factors assure successful project delivery.