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Current News



Effective immediately, no equipment no class, no kidding.


Please see a staff member after class to pick up your spooktacular savings.


Thursday October 30, 2003 will be the annual Halloween Party at TSK Stamford. The party is from 5:00pm to 8:00pm costumes are mandatory.


Friday October 31, 2003 the school will be open with a regular class schedule.


Thursday November 27, 2003 through Saturday November 29, 2003 the school will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.


Saturday December 6, 2003 and Sunday December 7. 2003 the school will be closed for the COC tournament.


Sunday December 14, 2003 TSK Stamford will hold their annual Holiday Party at Lucas in Greenwich, CT. Please see a staff member for details.


Private one-on-one lessons are now available with Deshi or Sempai. Take advantage of this opportunity to work for one full hour to focus on kicks, sparring, forms or self-defense. Contact Maggie to schedule your private class now.


Please remember the following school rules:


        Arrive early for class so that you can start class on time.


        Please wear a clean uniform and be considerate of your fellow classmates, if you need to shower before class, please do so.


        Bring your card onto the mat at the beginning of each class and pick up your card in the out basket when leaving.


        Do not wear jewelry (watches, rings, necklaces, earrings etc.) of any kind on the mat. It is a safety hazard for both you and your partner.


        Please do not leave personal belongings such as jackets or shoes in the lobby. Place all personal belongings in the locker room.