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Leonard Stephen Leffand

200 Broad Street

Suite 2138

Stamford, CT 06901

(203) 904-6126


To assist clients in meeting the challenges of today’s rapidly changing technological environment. I have a proven track record of making significant and measurable contributions at both the strategic planning and tactical implementation levels. I have extensive experience in project management, total cost of ownership reduction strategies, data security and privacy strategies, application architecture and development practices, e-Business infrastructure planning and implementation strategies, database management, analysis and consolidation strategies and large-scale technology migration strategies.



1994: Introduction to the Securities Industry - New York Institute for Finance

1994: Powersoft’s Application Development Workshop for PowerBuilder Developers

1993: Master’s Degree in Computer Science - Polytechnic University, Elected to Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society

1985: Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering - Northeastern University, Member IEEE

1983: IBM New Manager’s School in Armonk, New York



Program and Project Management

Technology Migration Services

TCO Management and Reduction Strategies

Strategic Consulting

Network Infrastructure Analysis, Architecture and Implementation

Database Analysis, Design and Administration

Software Architecture and Development

Data Security and Privacy Evaluation, Planning and Implementation

Business Development



SUN Microsystems, Intel x86, IBM Mainframes Systems 360, 370, 390, DEC VAX Architecture, Apple Mac

Client Server:

Visual Basic, Visual Studio, PowerBuilder, MS Access, Gupta SQL/Windows, Watcom SQL, Lotus Notes


SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, Oracle, DB2, SQL/DS, Watcom SQL, dBASE, Clipper, Foxpro, Paradox, VSAM


Microsoft Windows NT, Novell Netware, SCO Open Server, UNIX, Cisco Hardware


Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft IIS, Netscape Suite Spot, Active-X Controls, ASP, HTML, XML, CGI, Pearl Scripts, Java


Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, MS Access, PL/1, Pascal, Basic, C, REXX, Assembler, MVS, TSO, JCL, CICS, VM/CMS, VS Cobol, Cobol II


Investment Banking, Finance, Securities, Commercial Banking, Commercial Credit, Leasing, Insurance, Hospital Corporations, HMO, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Education, Government Agencies, Broadcast Media and Consulting Firms


AimNet Solutions (formerly CNS Group) - Norwalk, Connecticut

April 2000 to Present

As a business development and program manager was responsible for identifying, framing, proposing, closing and managing new strategic accounts for the firm. The primary focus was selling large-scale technology migration and implementation projects to the Fortune 500 in the Northeast Region. Secondary focus was on internetworking analysis and architecture projects along with network security assessments. Specifically responsible for framing product service offerings, identifying and qualifying potential clients, then tailoring offerings to specific client needs, proposing solutions, developing project budgets models, writing contracts, closing proposed business then providing program management for the projects in progress. Also responsible for developing and maintaining strategic vendor and partner relationships.


CNS Group - Norwalk, Connecticut

June 1995 to April 2000

As a senior staff member was responsible for a wide range of consultative services, program and project management services and for the delivery of technical services to the firm's client base. As a strategic consultant was responsible for the development of desktop and server migration strategies to Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0 and to various UNIX environments. Detailed plans were developed for clients with user bases ranging from 50 to 8,000 users. Also as a strategic consultant was responsible for writing one to three year technology plans and acted as an outsourced CIO. As a project manager was responsible for managing teams of engineers and consultants on projects ranging from desktop and server migrations to network analysis and network reengineering projects. As a network computing architect was responsible for the analysis, architecture and design of corporate local and wide-area networks. Finally, as a client server specialist was responsible for design and architecture of client server based systems for clients using Microsoft SQL Server 6.5,7.0, Sybase System 10,11, PowerBuilder 4.0,5.0, Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 through 6.0 and Microsoft Access 2.0 through 2000. Also responsible for working with the sales team to represent the firm’s extensive portfolio of technical products and services to clients, writing client proposals, development of new business opportunities and for the closing of major sales. Listed below are highlights from some of the projects completed at CNS:


Foxwoods Resort Casino Responsible for framing, defining scope, closing and managing a migration to Windows 2000 desktop and server for a base of 4,000 users. Specific responsibilities included developing the client relationship, selling the solution in a competitive environment against solutions from Microsoft and IBM. Responsible for managing the architecture and lab planning phases of the project and for the management of the overall project budget. 


Bertelsmann Entertainment Services Responsible for framing, defining scope, closing and managing a migration to Windows 2000 desktop for a base of 4,000 users. Specific responsibilities included developing the client relationship and selling the solution. Responsible for managing the architecture and lab planning phases of the project and for the management of the overall project budget. 


Lifetime Cable Television Responsible for framing, defining scope, closing and managing a comprehensive network performance analysis of the corporate local and wide-area networks. Also responsible for development, sales and management of a host of additional network engineering and remote management services.


New York Medical Imaging Responsible for Project Management and overall application architecture for an emerging medical insurance company. Specifically responsible for the architecture and implementation SQL Server environment implemented in SQL Server 7.0. Responsible for working closely with the business community to engineer programming specifications from business requirements. As the DBA was responsible for all database creation, table, index and user maintenance and for performance, monitoring and tuning of the production systems as well as for the development of SQL Server DTS Packages used for data import and export. Also responsible for assuring peak network performance to facilitate the data availability to the end users. As the application architect was responsible for the development of best practices and standards for development using MS Access 97 and MS Visual Basic 6.0. Additionally, was responsible for the hiring of all contract and full-time development staff as well as for the day-to-day management of the development team. Also was responsible all software QA and internal IT testing.


CNS Group Internal Systems Acting as CIO was responsible for Program Management of all internal systems initiatives for the entire firm, reporting directly to the company president. This included the architecture and management of all Y2K hardware and software initiatives, WAN / LAN reengineering, migration to a Novel NetWare 5.0 server environment, external and internal security audit and action planning, desktop policies and standards, disaster recovery and backup planning and automated software distribution. Additionally, was responsible for the selection and implementation of an ERP system to replace all mission critical software applications for the firm. Vision Apogee, the system implemented, provided General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Purchase Order, Service Management, Inventory, Project Management and Project Accounting services.


St. Luke’s - Roosevelt / Beth Israel Responsible for Program Management of multiple projects surrounding the merger of these two New York Hospital Corporations. Specifically responsible for the management of a Netware 3.1x to 4.11 Server Migration project and for the management of an NT 4.0 desktop migration project. Responsible for the day-to-day management of over 20 on-site staff and outsourced resources. Specific responsibilities included project definition, scope management, resource management, budget management, client management, technical architecture, lab management and oversight management.


Pepsi-Cola Beverages Responsible for the development of a methodology for testing internally developed PowerBuilder / Sybase applications for the migration from a 16-Bit Windows 3.1 desktop platform to a 32-bit Windows NT 4.0 desktop platform. Specific responsibilities included development of a functional test methodology for rapid and accurate testing and problem resolution. Additionally, responsible for providing leadership to the NT Migration Team Management with strategies for deployment of the new NT 4.0 desktop environment to 8,000 users across the country.


Capstar Partners, Inc. Architected and engineered a migration to a Windows NT 4.0 server / Windows 95 desktop environment replacing the existing Netware 3.x and Windows 3.x technology for a firm of 50 people. Also engineered a secure Internet connection for e-mail and Web services. Managed a team of engineers and technicians who performed the physical implementation.


Tetley USA, Inc. Responsible for a comprehensive performance analysis of the Tetley USA LAN / WAN environment which lead to the complete reengineering of their national infrastructure. Functioning as lead architect and project manager was responsible for the management of a team of engineers and technicians. Additionally, as lead architect, was responsible for leading facilitated design sessions that brought together CNS engineers, Cisco engineers and Tetley executive and technical management to design a network built around Tetley's specific business drivers. Also responsible for implementation planning, network testing and final deployment of the new Fast Switched Ethernet network environment. Also responsible for implementing enterprise-wide network management using the Cisco Works network management product.


Forum Capital Markets Responsible for network architecture, implementation and project management of a broad range of network infrastructure projects. Provided hands-on technical project management guiding a team of CNS and outsourced engineers and technicians that: Implemented enterprise-wide backup and anti-virus strategies; Architected and implemented a “Single Master” NT 4.0 domain model; Planned and implemented a migration to Windows NT 4.0 desktop. Additionally, planned and implemented a remote access methodology using NT Server's RAS Server and Shiva network modems; Planned and implemented a fully redundant SQL Server 6.5 platform utilizing Compaq's Redundant Server Option; Migrated existing NetWare 4.11 platform into a redundant-server configuration. Also implemented hardware management utilizing Compaq's Insight Manager and network management utilizing Netware's Manage Wise platform. Finally, responsible for performing comprehensives network analysis leading to a complete reengineering of the network environment. Implemented a Fast Switched Ethernet Backbone using Cisco Systems 2900 switches. Also responsible for long range IT planning around such technologies as Virtual Private Networks (VPN's), ISDN RAS technologies, Gigabit Ethernet technologies, Desktop Video Conferencing and the integration of computing and telecommunications technologies to enhance the security trading environment. Once these projects were successfully completed was outsourced to this client to act as CIO for a six-month period. During that time period was responsible for managing the entire IT organization, as well as day-to-day activities such as dealing with vendors, assuring 24 hour network availability, long range strategic IT planning and for the management of a $4MM departmental budget.  


Outdoor Life Cable Network Evaluated performance and applicability of a client server based system designed for the management of affiliate sales for a cable services network. The system was implemented in PowerBuilder 5.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5. Responsible for assessing system performance on SQL Server and system performance over a 128K Wide Area Network. Responsible SQL Server tuning and making design recommendations to improve performance over the WAN. Also responsible for mapping the products functions to the business processes used in the affiliate sales group and for making recommendations for addressing gaps in processes that the product did not support.


NBC Television Network Responsible for managing the test lab for a migration to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 desktop for a user base of 3,500 users. Specifically responsible for managing the lab staff, assuring the portfolio of over 150 internally developed and 80 pre-packaged applications met all test criteria. Responsible for developing the testing methodology, assuring adherence to that methodology, documenting all lab activities including all problem reports and assuring satisfactory resolution. Also developed a tracking database in MS Access 7.0 to track all lab activates and report on progress.


City of New Rochelle, New York Evaluated the existing computing infrastructure for all departments of the City of New Rochelle government and developed recommendations for modernization. Designed a new physical cabling plant; Architected Fast Switched Ethernet network to connect all departments; Framed high level network security plan; Developed a systems integration plan to tie Netware, Windows NT and UNIX systems together in new network; Framed detailed desktop migration plan to Windows 95.


Philip Morris Responsible for managing the test lab for a migration to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 desktop for a user base of 2,500 users. Specifically responsible for managing the lab staff, assuring the portfolio of over 50 internally developed and 75 pre-packaged applications met all test criteria. Responsible for developing the testing methodology, assuring adherence to that methodology, documenting all lab activities including all problem reports and assuring satisfactory resolution. Also developed a tracking database in MS Access 2.0 to track all lab activates and report on progress


Bank of New York Designed company-wide NT Domain architecture and developed corporate NT standards and policies for the Bank. Also performed a comprehensive study of the Bank's Windows development efforts and made specific recommendations to improve the quality of the software the Bank develops for its customers.


Pfizer, Inc. Developed a detailed plan for a desktop migration to Windows 95 for a user base of 2,500 users. The plans included specifications for a test lab and a methodology for testing both in-house and pre-packaged applications.


Federal Accounting Standards Board Architected a secure connection to Internet for general connectivity and E-Mail purposes. Also responsible for the installation and configuration of Microsoft Exchange for both internal use and Internet mail connectivity.


CNS Internal Intranet Architected CNS Intranet on SUN Hardware platform using Netscape Suite Spot Software and SUN Development tools. Lead team of UNIX Engineers who built the infrastructure and framed the application architecture.



MDS Bankmark Securities (Business Partner Chemical Insurance Agency) - Morris Plains, New Jersey

January 1995 to May 1995

Responsible for the installation of Sybase System 10 running on a SCO UNIX Open Server platform and for the performance of the DBA role for this new platform. Specific responsibilities included installing and configuring SCO UNIX Open Server and Sybase System 10 to run on Compaq Proliant hardware and connectivity from the UNIX environment to their existing Novell network using Novell’s LAN Workgroup TCP/IP package. Additionally, responsible for the configuration and maintenance of the production databases under Sybase as well as for the development and implementation of a disaster recovery and backup plan for the environment. Also responsible for the development and testing of assorted functions of a Lead Management software package developed using PowerBuilder 4.0 and Sybase.


Chemical Insurance Agency (Subsidiary of Chemical Bank, NA) - New York, New York

May 1994 to January 1995

Responsible for supporting the daily IT needs of a start-up insurance business. Specifically responsible for the support of a small IBM Token Ring network, utilizing Novell Netware 3.12 running DOS 6.21 /Windows 3.11 and Lotus Notes 3.0. Additionally responsible for the development and deployment of various systems to support ad-hoc and long range business driven IT needs utilizing Microsoft Access 2.0, PowerBuilder 3.0a, Watcom SQL and Sybase under SCO UNIX. Also responsible for the design and deployment of a system to administer Bank Safe Deposit Box Insurance. This system maintained data on 250,000 current box holders, access patterns to their boxes, insurance coverage for those boxes and processed claims for losses under the insurance policies issued. This system was written in PowerBuilder 3.0a / Watcom SQL and was then converted to run under Sybase on a SCO UNIX platform.


Bear, Stearns and Company, Inc. - Brooklyn, New York

March 1994 to May 1994

Responsible for the design of an employee firm loan system which allows payroll, personnel and accounting to administer, grant and track loans made to firm employees. The system was written in COBOL II under CICS utilizing DB2.


NYC Board of Education - New York, New York

January 1994 to July 1994

Responsible for the analysis, development, testing and implementation of a client server based application that manages student, teacher, classroom and course inventory for the New York City High School System. The application was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 and Microsoft Access 1.0. The system provides administrators the ability to manage and optimize the assignment of classrooms, courses, teachers and students to meet the rapidly changing needs of the school board system.


Kaiser Foundation Health Plan  - Farmington, Connecticut

May 1993 - July 1994

Responsible for the project management of the conversion of an HMO Membership Accounting application from a HP/UNIX Pick Basic platform to an IBM CICS / DB2 platform. Specific responsibilities included management of all aspects of the technical implementation team including, cost benefit analysis, supervising a technical staff of eight, reporting project status to executive level management, development of, and management by, a 26 project 600 task project plan using Microsoft Project Manager, development of the test strategies and training of the test team, development of the data mapping and conversion plan as well as architecting the actual go-live plan and user acceptance criteria. Also responsible for the development of a problem tracking and reporting database implemented in PowerBuilder 3.0 / Sybase 4.9.2 running on a Novell 3.11 network under DOS 6.0.


Mercedes Benz Credit Corporation - Norwalk, Connecticut

January 1993 to April 1993

Responsible for design and implementation of enhancements to Mercedes Benz Credit Corporation's lease and retail payment posting system. Additionally, responsible for the original design of bank auto-debit payment system. Specific responsibilities included systems analysis, systems design and the management of a team of programmers who implemented the systems in a CICS VS COBOL / COBOL II and VSAM environment.


Pfizer, International - New York, New York

January 1992 to January 1993

Responsible for the design and implementation of various components of an International Financial Controller's System. The system was implemented in VS COBOL, SQL/DS, REXX and ISPF Dialog Manager running under VM/CMS. Also responsible for planning and testing the migration of this system from VM/CMS to VM/ESA Release 1.1. Specific responsibilities include designing and implementing new system functions, designing and executing migration tests for REXX programs and SQL/DS modules from the old VM environment to the new ESA platform.


Aetna, Insurance Company - New Windsor, Connecticut

November 1991 to January 1992

Responsible for a detailed performance audit of a large scale PC based distributed insurance quote and policy generation system. The system was implemented in Microsoft BASIC running under PC-DOS 5 and Novell Netware 3.11 using Ethernet technology and was made up of over 100 file servers on the primary backbone. A detailed study was performed covering every aspect of the project; development technology, network architecture, physical components, process methodology, change management and resource management. The entire workflow process was exhaustively investigated and then documented (for the first time within the organization) prior to analysis. A comprehensive action plan was presented to senior management focused on improving the overall quality of their software development environment.


IBM Credit Corporation - Stamford, Connecticut

   September 1990 to November 1991

Responsible for database design and administration of large DB2, SQL/DS and AS database systems. This involved negotiating and coordinating the administration of cross-site data agreements for Credit Business Measurements, Remarketing Model Analysis and Customer Master Record applications. Local database systems were designed and implemented using PL/1, REXX, DB2, SQL/DS, DB2 utilities, batch process schedulers, design and implementation of sleeping (disconnected) VM service machines, QMF, ISQL, RXSQL and OPCA. Specific responsibilities included designing and implementing large scale databases on MVS under DB2, which would feed SQL/DS, and AS databases on VM both automatically and on-demand. In order to accomplish this disconnected VM service machines were designed in order to carry out database communications between MVS and VM. 


Citibank, NA - New York, New York

July 1988 to August 1990

Responsible for the design, management and administration of the test effort for the Citibank Credit Card Account Fulfillment System rewrite project. AFS was responsible for processing all Citibank credit card applications making credit granting and credit line decisions by communicating with national credit bureaus, interrogating existing card member databases of over 25 million customers and by performing credit scoring and analysis algorithms on over 100 variables. The system was implemented in COBOL II, CICS utilizing VSAM running under MVS in both batch and on-line environments. Specific responsibilities included providing systems architecture guidance to the development team, development of the high level test strategies, plans and scripts, project risk assessment, management of the test groups, monitoring the development group in order to assure adherence to intricate user requirements and the development of the final user acceptance and sign-off criteria.


IBM Corporation  - National Distribution Division - Montvale, New Jersey

May 1988 to July 1988

Responsible for the design of a Program Temporary Fix Tracking System. IBM sells thousands of software products for their mainframe computers. Some of these products such as the MVS operating system are very complicated in nature and often customized for individual customer sites. When problems are detected by users in the field IBM releases program temporary fixes (PTF's) which are tapes containing a specific fix for a specific problem. IBM maintains hundreds of thousands of PTF's at any point in time for its mainframe family of computers. This system was designed to track those fixes and assure that the correct PTF's are sent to the correct customers when problems are found. This system also allowed for the on-line interrogation of current problems against new callers symptoms in order to expedite fixes to a customer for a problem already reported by another user.


GE Corporation - Plastics Business Group - Pittsfield, Massachusetts

March 1988 to May 1988

Responsible for the design and implementation of an on-line corporate organization database system running under the VM/CMS operating system. The system provided PROF's users access to GE Plastics organizational information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, product responsibilities, functional responsibilities and management chains. The system allowed users to traverse the corporate management chain and view both management hierarchies and manager's individual group structures. An editor was also designed to facilitate the building of these on-line databases and to perform such complicated tasks as personnel reorganizations. The entire system was menu driven and provided a context sensitive help facility.


IBM Corporation - Corporate Headquarters - Harrison, New York

December 1987 to February 1988

Responsible for the design and implementation of a corporate Software Services Request Tracking System. The system was implemented in PL/1, REXX and ISPF Dialog Manager running under VM/CMS. Specific responsibilities included meeting with users to gather requirements, coding functions, designing a user-friendly interface and scripting test plans.  The systems primary function was to track and manage requests for software services from the corporate software development group. This system would track various software development projects their status and progress against estimates and was responsible for billing individual departments for corporate programming services.


Citibank, NA - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

November 1987 to December 1987

Responsible for the feasibility analysis and subsequent design of a PS/2 LAN using IBM's Token Ring Network architecture and the Novell Advanced Netware/286 operating system to off-load credit applications from the mainframe into an intelligent workstation network in order to process judgmental credit granting and credit line decisions. Specific responsibilities meeting with Citibank executives in South Dakota and New York to gather requirements, observing current processes and procedures, making recommendations and writing system specifications. A Citibank application development team implemented the system.


IBM Corporation - Information Systems Group - Norwalk, Connecticut

August 1987 to November 1987

Responsible for the design of a test strategy to test a General Accounting System written in PL/1, CICS, DL/1 and DB2 running under the MVS TSO operating system. Specific responsibilities included interfacing with the development team and users in order to understand system requirements and testing priorities. Detailed test plans were developed spanning unit, integration, functional, system and user acceptance testing.


First Boston Corporation - Information Services - New York, New York

March 1987 to August 1987

Responsible for the design, development and implementation of a Customer Tracking System written in dBASE III+ and CLIPPER. The system was designed to track incoming internal customer data processing service requests and management's performance in acting on those requests. The system featured custom query facilities and automatic data archive facilities as well as a fully integrated data reporting, backup and disaster recovery facilities. A user-friendly interface was designed for PC novices as well as a context sensitive help facility.


IBM Corporation - Data Systems Division - Poughkeepsie, New York

June 1985 to March 1987

Responsible as a member of a team of programmers for the design, development and implementation of a large-scale digital circuit design automation system written in PL/1 running in a VM/CMS environment. The system was used by IBM mainframe engineers to design chips and logic circuits for IBM mainframe computers. The system allowed engineers to perform the design of physical chip packaging and logical circuit layouts and also allowed for the performance of timing and thermal analysis of the circuits.


IBM Corporation - Corporate Headquarters - Armonk, New York

July 1983 to June 1985

Responsible for the design, development and implementation of customized Management Development PC based software systems. These programs were written in compiled Microsoft Basic and Pascal. These packages varied from small single user applications to large-scale data based analysis systems. Responsibilities also included teaching classes on PC basics to corporate level executives.


IBM Corporation - World Trade Corporation - Tarrytown, New York

September 1984 to June 1985

Responsible for the design, development and implementation of customized Management Development PC based software systems. These programs were written in compiled Microsoft Basic and Pascal. Also responsible for setting up a Management Development Information System implemented in both LOTUS 123 and dBASE.