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Advanced Technology Migration

Does your staff have the experience to successfully implement new technology?

Advanced technology migration projects require diligent planning, expert architecture, judicious testing and a managed implementation. A time proven methodology for the integration of new technology across the enterprise is a prerequisite for success. Projects of this nature include:

1. Operating System Upgrades (Desktop and or Server)
2. Operating System or Application Platform Consolidations
3. ERP and CRM Implementations and Upgrades
4. Enterprise Application Implementations and Upgrades (Other than ERP and CRM)

Advanced Technology Migration Services

Services include the development of reference model technology to assure the success of all architecture phases of the project. Architectural designs are the direct result of facilitation sessions with key information technology and business community stakeholders to assure the alignment of IT services with business goals. Detailed plans for testing, pilot deployment and managed implementation are developed that assure the highest degree of reliability for the deployment of new technology with minimal disruption to business operations.

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